Martial  arts 

Martial arts in ancient times were developed for use on the battlefield and  many people learn the skills for self-defense.

Many studies have showed the health benefits of martial arts which encompasses physical, mental and social aspects.

These include:

  • Self confidence
  • mood
  • Responsibility and honesty
  • improved communication
  • increasing anaerobic capacity
  • muscle strength
  • balance
  • flexibility  

In addition, moderate or vigorous aerobic intensity, improved cardiovascular fitness usually by participating in three to four training sessions per week. 

Training needs to follow the principles of aerobic training which involve large muscle groups, long duration and repetitiveness with a regular pace. 

Hard style training involves most major muscles and it is an aerobic exercise which helps in weight reduction.

Practitioners also have greater bone mineral density compared to people with sedentary lifestyle. 

Other physical benefits include lower blood pressure, better flexibility, balance and fall prevention

Apart from physical health, mental health benefits are also widely reported in martial arts studies. Long term participation could increase self-esteem, improve management of aggression, feelings of vulnerability and fear, facilitate mood and mental performance and concentration, decrease sleep disturbance, depression, tension, stress, anxiety and hostility.


Taekwondo is of Korean origin which means  the  art  of  kicking,  punching and  blocking  and  it  is  also  a  way  of  life placing emphasis  on  development  of character .  Taekwondo  practitioners

engage  in  repertoire  of  kicks  which involves  much  energy  and  agility  to execute  making  it  very  effective  for  burning  calories.  It  Improves reaction  times  and  psychological  well-being  in  young  people  and there  is  solid  evidence  to  support  the  beneficial  effects  of  TKD training in  improving body balance and sensory organization.

There are  physical  benefits,  such  as  improving  flexibility ,  muscular strength,  aerobic  and  anaerobic  fitness,  body  composition  and  bone mineral  density .  Some  studies  have  suggested  that  TKD  is  an effective exercise for children  with developmental disorders such as seen  in  Down  syndrome  etc.


Practitioners have similar benefits like taekwondo  such as improving

focus  and  discipline  in  children,  and  helping  mentally  challenged children. Helps  to  reduce  weight  and  relieve  stress


Wrestling  improves  participant’s  physical  fitness  including  speed,

agility ,  muscular  endurance,  strength  stamina  and  flexibility  in  addition

to  mental  development,  affective  domain  including  courage,

perseverance,  self-control  and  sportsmanship.  Judo  has  similar

benefits  as  wrestling.

Other  martial  arts  with  marvelous  health  benefits  include  the  following, Muaythai,  MMA,  Boxing,  kungfu,  silat  and  many  more.

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