When we pay little or no attention to something, we tend to forget about it. Our interest and selective attention influences whether we will forget some piece of information or not. If you are not deliberately making effort to remember where you dropped your car keys then it is likely you will forget about it.

Another reason why we forget things is our inability to assess and put information to use.  When memories are rarely accessed and put to use, they decay over time and become difficult to retrieve. Students who are not constantly revising or making efforts to put what they study to use often have poor performances.

When we allow other memories to compete with what is important, interference results and we tend to forget what is important.

Strategies to deal with forgetfulness

To gain victory over forgetfulness, we need to consciously and deliberately put information to memory. Selective attention and interest may be all we need sometimes. Use memorization techniques. When we recall and rehearse information, we overcome memory problems. We can also employ mnemonics and other memorization strategies

The next time you decide to keep your receipts, deliberately note the items around where you drop them.  

Tools that come in handy like weekly planners, calendars, mobile phones etc. offer tremendous help in keeping track of information.

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