Pear  or  apple  body  shape  indicates  where  fat  accumulates  in  an individual.


“ Apple”  individuals  gain  weight mostly in  the  waist  line.  Fatty  tissue builds  up  around  the  waist  and chest and the  individual  is  at risk  of diabetes,  high  blood  pressure (hypertension)  and  coronary  heart disease.


Individuals  who  are  “pear”  carry extra  weight  below  the  waist  line and  have  damaging  effect  on  the skeleton .   This   a f f e c t s   joi nts especially  knees,  ankles,  legs  and back.However , they do not have as high a risk of developing metabolic disease.

Apple-body shape

Pear-body shape


T o  maintain  a  healthy  state  and  well-being  one  must  maintain  a healthy  weight  for  his/her  age,  height  and  gender .  There  are  standard body  weights  considered  normal  for  each  age  and  sex.  Thus,  to maintain good health there must be a balance between body weight and  height.

This can be done by using methods accepted by international  health


BMI  = weight in kg /(height  in  m)² 

Example;  Weight  =  84  kg,

Height  =  1.75  m

BMI  =  84/(1.75  x  1.75)

approx.  27kg/m²


1. below  18.5  Underweight

2. 18.5  –  24.5  Healthy

3. 25  –  29.9  Overweight

4. 30  and  over  are  Obese

The  Demographic  and  Health Surveys  (GDHS  2008)  in  Ghana show  an  increase  of  overweight or  obesity  from  12.7%  to 25.3%  in  non-pregnant  women aged  15-49  years.

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