The  concept  or  perception  that  physical  activity  alone  can  help  an individual  to  achieve  the  dream  body  is  entirely  wrong  and  should  not be  encouraged.  For  most  individuals  exercise  alone  may  not  be enough.

The  predominance  of  diet  or  exercise  over  the  other  in  the  quest  for  a healthy weight or flat belly largely depends on the age and physical condition  of  the  individual.  Very  young  people  may  have  to concentrate a little  more on exercise whereas others especially older ones  may  need  to  focus  on  a  little  more on  diet  or  both. Some  people are  of  the  view  that  for  weight  loss,  you  need  80%  dietary management  and  20% exercise.

Participating in mild, moderate or high intensity exercises most days of the week is linked  to  longevity, improved balance and many more. Being disciplined about what you eat in addition to exercises achieves desirable results in terms of weight loss and a flat belly. All individuals who eat large quantities of meals after physical activity are working in futility if their aim is to lose weight.

Both physical exercise and diet are crucial for obtaining that healthy body .  Many  studies  have  proven  that  exercise  raises  your  basal metabolic rate BMR which means a person burns more calories overthe  course  of  the  day .  Prof .  Thijjsen  of  Liverpool  John  Moores University echoed that  if  a person exercised for three  months or four without  changing  the  diet,  the  individual  may  only  lose  about  1kg.

Without mincing words,  exercising  without  eating  less  would  not  help you  to  lose  weight  and  your  dream  of  achieving  a  flat  belly  may  never be  realised.

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