Most people are in  a hurry to  engage in  variety of exercises however I think  it  is  expedient as a beginner to  do few and effective workouts which you can  perform very well with as many repetitions  as possible.

Afterwards  when  you  feel  less  challenged,  you  add  the  varieties  to prevent  boredom.  It  is  not  the  variety  of  exercises  you  do  which determines whether you will achieve your goal or not.

 Instead it  is  the few  effective  ones  which  you  can  perform  well. Women  who  are  ectomorph  and  want  to  have  beautiful  body  image  can do  these  exercises.

Warm ups- About 10 minutes

  1.  Leg  raises  -3sets,  15  reps  each.
  •  Cycling  crunches-  3  sets,  20  reps  each.
  •  frog  kicks-  3  set,  15  reps  each 
  •  Mountain  climbers  and  cross  mountain  climbers  –  3  set,         

50  reps  each

  • Planks  –  elbow  and  full  planks  –  reps,  1  minute  each
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