They  are  strength  training  exercises  that  do  not  require  free  weights  or machines as  the  individual’s  own  weight provides  resistance  against gravity .  

Body  weight  exercises  can  improve  strength,  power , endurance,  speed,  flexibility ,  coordination  and  balance. Body  weight training  employs  simple  abilities  and  techniques  such  as  pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, twisting and balancing.

Movements such as  the  push-up,  the  pull-up,  and  the  sit-up  are  some  of  the  most common  body weight  exercises.  Individuals  who  are  interested  in health  and  fitness  but  do  not  have  access  to  equipment  will  find body weight  exercises  the  ideal  choice  because  they  do  not  require weights or machinery .

Advantages of body weight training include; no costs involved, such as gym membership fees and are a good choice when traveling  or  on  holiday ,  when access  to  a  gym  or  equipment  may not  be  possible.

Push  Exercises 

Lunge,  Side  Lunges,  Mountain  Climbers  and  many  more 


Classic  Push  Up,  Handstand Push  Up,  Chinese  Push  Ups,  Close  Grip Push  Ups,  Military  Press  and  many  more.


Human Flag, Muscle up, Pull

Up, Let Me Ups  etc


Crunch,Planches, Plank,

Russian Twist, Leg Raises,

Beach Scissors, Hip Ups,


Calf raises, Squats,fire Hydrants, Dead Lifts, Hip Extension,

Incorporate body-weight exercises into your usual workout routine to do this work-out when traveling or when you do not have access to resistance training equipment.

Under these Body weight training Is calisthenics which is also summation of all the above. Calisthenics are some of the amazing training exercises I have experienced with amazing results.

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